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It provides you with the shipping methods and our current pricing on shipping just entering destination country and package weight.

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*Please be aware of [Australia] and [Austria].



What is the maximum size?

  • Regarding the duration of your stay … The duration time is a standard criterion. The number of days spent in customs for customs processing, etc. is not counted in the display of the number of days of your duration after arrival.
  • Regarding conditions for each country … Please refer here to verify the details regarding major restrictions for each country.
  • The longest side … This number indicates the measurement of the longest side of your luggage. Shipment cannot be processed if this number is exceeded.
  • Total measurement of maximum length + circumference … This number indicates a value expressed as the double of the maximum length and other sides. Shipment cannot be processed if this number is exceeded.
  • Maximum weight … The maximum weight allowable per unit for shipment.


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