What’s Item Status?

With Baggage Forward, the arrival status of packages are shown as “Item Status”on My Page.

You will be briefed on below item status categorized.
・Status Not Arrived・Status Partly at BF・Status at BF
・Status Out of Stock・Status Lose in Auction
・Status Under investigation・Status Done Shipping

About display of item table and item status

About display of item table

Arrival status of item (item status)

You can check the arrival status of item.

Cash on Delivery Icon

It will be displayed when you choose “Cash on Delivery on goods and shipping fee” when you requested overseas shipping service or when Baggage Forward confirmed that the package is COD.

Personal Shopper Icon

It will be displayed in applicable sales forms when you requested Personal Shopper service.

Indication of item with contents unregistered

If package not registered by customer arrives, it will be displayed as “Package with contents unregistered” on the top of Pending Items.

What’s Item contents unregistered?

Details of contents

You can check the contents of the package you registered.

Item selection check box

If checked, you can create a shipping group, or add luggage.

Item edit button

Edit applicable item.

Edit item information

Item delete button

Delete applicable item.

Delete item information

Details of Personal Shopper products

You can check details of Personal Shopper products you requested.

Primary payment confirmation button (outstanding)

When you click the [Unpaid] button, the quotation details are displayed and you can start the payment procedure.

Primary payment confirmation button (paid)

When you click the [View the bill] button, you can check the estimate details.

Status Not Arrived (Red)

It is the status the package is not arrived at Baggage Forward yet.

Status Partly at BF (Yellow)

It is the status the packages arrive separately and one part has arrived at Baggage Forward.

Status at BF (Blue)

It is the status the package has arrived at Baggage Forward and it is stored.

Status Out of stock (Grey)

It is the status with the Personal Shopper service (internet sales, store sales), the products were not arranged due to out of stock.

Status Failed bidding (Grey)

It is the status with the Personal Shopper service (auction), bid failed due to higher bid by other.

Status Under Investigation (Grey)

It is the status arrival of item from shops is not possible to confirm, and receiving request for investigation from the customer.

Status Shipped (Grey)

It is the status it is shipped from Baggage Forward.

Please be aware that out of stock or bid failed items are not packed to the shipping group.

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