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Request Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper services will support customers from product procurement to international delivery.
Personal Shopper services includes bidding on auctions on the customer’s behalf as well.

Procedure to request for Personal Shopper services


To the service request screen

Please click on [Order Personal Shopper].


Enter required information in the request form

Enter required information following the format of the request form.
Online shopping/Auctions/Stores are the three purchasing methods we undertake.
Information to enter will depend on the purchasing methods; thus the purchasing method must be selected first.


Confirm the entered information

Click [Confirm] if the displayed information is correct.


Final check of requested information

The scheduled request for the Personal Shopper will be displayed.
Click [Add More] to add additional Personal Shopper services.

Click [Done Ordering] to submit the request for Personal Shopper services with the displayed information.

Click [Place Shipping Order] to continue requesting delivery of the registered package.


Select create a shipping group

Click [Create a new shipping group]

To add into the shipping groups already created, they are shown as a list. Click [Add to this Group] of the shipping group you wish to add.


Specify shipping address

Specify shipping address where to send shipping group.
Select the shipping address from the pull-down menu.
You can set new shipping address if you choose [Enter a new shipping address]


Select the shipping method

Please select the shipping method.
The cell of selected shipping method will turn to green.


Purpose / Option

Please select ‘Purpose /One Parcel/All-in-One/Option’
Regarding shipping method, if there is more than one shipping from the group, it will be categorized as [All-in-One], and option fee applies automatically.
As for shipping method, you do not need to make selection.


Enter 'Other requests'

Please enter other requests.
If you have requests with packing methods or shipping, please feel free to enter here.
Once finished, click [Confirm].


Confirm the information on the confirmation page

Please confirm the information on the confirmation page.
If there is no problem, click [Done].


Primary payment procedure starts

The above completes creating shipping group and the Personal Shopper request.

If you continue to take the primary payment procedure for product arrangement, click [Make a Primary Payment for the product (s)].


Confirm the payment method

Confirm the payment method and complete the payment following the page.


Primary payment procedure complete

The above completes primary payment procedure.
If you select bank transfer, make the transfer following the information displayed.
The estimates will also be sent to the registered mail address. Please confirm it as well.

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